Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters, LLC

Services and Rates
We offer "in-your-home" pet sitting


Daily Visits
$25.00 (for the 1st 2 pets)
Time is allotted for refreshing water/food, a short walk, play time,
accident clean-up, litter box maintenance, and lots of
love and special attention for your pet(s)!  These fees also include a
home security check, collection of mail, packages, and newspapers,
& taking the trash and recycling bins in and out while you are out of

Additional Dog: $3.00 each
Addtional Cats: $1.00 each


Weekly Dog Walks Discount:
10 visits or more per month will get 10% off
the total monthly invoice.
(regular weekly afternoon dog walks only)

Overnight Visits
$100.00 a night
Limited availability.


OVERNIGHT SERVICES ON holiday rated days.
There is a $35.00 surcharge for Overnights in addition to
the regular overnight pet sitting rates.

depending on availability

Hotel Pet Sitting:
Leave your room key and $40 at the desk of your pet-friendly
hotel and we will take your dog for a 30 minute walk while you enjoy Charleston!  You'll receive a note about each visit.

Wedding Day Pet Care:
$50.00 per 1/2 hour interval
We will take your pet(s) to and from your wedding ceremony so they can be a part of your big day (whether you want to include them in photos, have them walk down the aisle with you, or
be present at your special event). Services include car ride
to and from wedding, accident clean up,
general pet care, and special requests (as provided by wedding party- we'll be happy
to outfit wedding attire for pets, provide seat belts for the car
ride, and offer wedding day treats, etc). Please contact the office
for customized wedding pet care needs.

Administering Pills and Insulin Injections
$3.00 each time

Administering fluids subcutaneously:
$10.00 each time

Plant Watering Fee
$10.00: Watering Outdoor Plants (if already pet sitting)

Delivering pet foods/medication
$25.00 plus the cost of the item

Transportation: groomers or vet office
$35.00 (trip there)
$35.00 (trip home)
Depending on availability. Must be a scheduled visit.

Vet Emergency Visit
If there is a VET emergency, there is a $75.00 fee + the cost of the vet services (to be paid by the pet owner at time of vet services).
We go to your vet's office if they are open, otherwise, we will go to either the Mt Pleasant or North Charelston Emergency Vet Clinic. We will contact you if there
are any emergencies right away.

Long Distance Surcharge
$10.00 If you live outside of our pet sitting service area, a surcharge
will be applied.  (Only available to some areas)


Returned Check Fees
(Non Sufficient Funds)
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