Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters, LLC

Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters is manna from heaven for the pet owner who needs a reliable, caring, professional team. Our time away was care free because we were secure in the knowledge that our cat Gio received exceptional attention in our absence. We can wholeheartedly recommend Nicole and Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters and will be using these outstanding services for years to come. Thank you, Nicole!   ~Mary, Brian and Gio

Client since 2014

Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters have for over the past decade taken exemplorary care of all our pets! Cats, Dogs, Fish and a Budgie.... YNPS have watered plants, taken in oversized deliveries, picked up meds, picked pets up from groomers, even random things like locking my car and letting workers in and out, if needed overseen what the workers were doing. Hands down a fabulous company. We love Nicole, Evan and the entire team. ~Maria Collins, Stoney and Blanca

client since 2003

Nicole and Evan,Thank you so much for the good care you provided for our kitties! We had a great vacation and it helps to know our cats are well cared for when we're away. ~Chris and Dick Celmer

Client since 2010

Nicole, we can't thank you enough for your excellent care of all 3 pups!  Walli and Austin were QUIET (still amazes me!) when I came in and Squelch cornered me with kisses.  All 3 have never been so well cared for while we were gone. So a huge "thank you" is in order.  Your caring attitude, professional manner, and confidience make you a pleasure to have here.  I really trust you with the pups- that says a lot!  Thanks for the pup lovin', plant watering, #1 clean up, and towel drying.  They all seem so happy.  You are great!  Thanks!   ~BJ, Lori, Walli, Austin, and Squelch

Client since 2004

Nicole and Evan, William and I would like to thank you for everyday you make our lives easier!! There are not enough words to let you know how much we appreciate your kindness towards our pets. We wish you a very hearfelt holiday season for the two of the most important people in or lives!   ~Love, Laurie, William, Ruttie, Sophie, Henri, Hootie, and Sterling

Cient since 2005

Nicole Kirker, our pet sitter, is the best!  Please do not hesitate to call her whenever you plan to be away from your 4-legged ones at home.  The peace of mind is great and you come home to happy kids!  Our pets remember and like her so much; now they don't get "mad" at us for going away. She's been a godsend.  Her attention to detail is superb. ~Amy, Bull, Bear, and Miss Harvey

Client since 2005

Nicole, thanks so much for looking after our "boys."  I'm sure they know who you are and look forward to seeing you again.  Hope they aren't too much trouble!  Thanks again, and I'll be sure to refer you to anyone I know.  It's so nice to finally have someone dependable!  ~Tamara, Capone, Carmen, Rocky, and Pepper

Client since 2004

Nicole, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you are always there for me, Sophie, and Stanley. With so much to worry about while going into the hospital unexpectedly, it is EXTREMELY reassuring knowing you are there for my "babies."  You are the best. Thanks for the consideration, but most of all for your concern about my kitties.   Hugs: Kathy, Sophie, and Stanley.  

Client since 2004

We can't thank you enough for taking care of our "kids" when we are out of town. We love the notes you leave of what you did each day you came over, and the "moods" Ditto and Vessie were in. It means a lot to us that they are in good hands when we are away. Thanks for everything!  ~Jason, Jessica, Ditto, and Vessie.

Client since 2006

Dear Evan and Nicole,
Thanks for your wonderful care of Sophie and Zach. I loved reading Evan's notes.  That Zach got "lots of pets" is no surprise to me. That boy knows how to get his loves. It is pretty amazing that Sophie came out for you--especially smelling like other animals. That's a testament to the energy you give off around them. The way I knew they were content is that they did not punish me at all for being away--no ignoring, no hissing, no hiding, no hairballs. Wow!  You gave me a sense of relief and relaxation knowing my kitties were being looked after and I'll definitely be in touch to take advantage of that peace of mind again when I am out of town.
Cory, Zach, and Sophie Walker
client since 2012


Nicole and Evan, Thanks again for taking such great care of Basko and Molly. We appreciate everything so much and are so happy we found such amazing pet sitters! 

~ Karen, Jono, Molly and Basko Young

Client since 2012

Nicole and Evan, Thank you so much for taking care of Harper while I am out of town. It is such a relief to know he is in good hands when I am not there. You'll be hearing form me again soon.

`Nancie and Harper Copeland

Client since 2012

Thank you for watching Kakashi and Ed. I loved that you left a note and had no problem with me texting to check up on them. We had problems finding a reliable pet sitter in Denver. It's nice to know we can go out of town and be ablet o use a pet sitter that can manage kakashi's medicine, as well as hang out with both of them for a while. Thanks again. And I'll definitely be in touch the next time we need to go out of town.

-Karen, Dane, Kakashi and Ed

Client since 2012

Dear Nicole and Evan: Thank you for the care you took of our pets while we were away. Knowing you are there for the kitties helps to make our vacations more relaxed. We'll be calling on you again in the future!

~Chris, Dick, Bebe, Minnie adn Sophie

Client since 2010

Thank you so much for all you have done for us and Bella dog.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and knowing our baby dog has been so well taken care of.  I've always had great things to say about your business and have also referred by friend.

-April, Bryan and Bella Dog

Client since 2013