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2010 Summer Newsletter

Jun 1, 2010

Big News: We’re going to have a BABY!
Evan and I are very excited to announce that we are expecting a baby this November! We’ll have a new little pet sitter, in training! We are due the week before Thanksgiving and couldn’t be happier. Be sure to get in all of your holiday requests as early as possible this year, so that we’ll be able to assign a pet sitter to you for the busy holiday season.

New Pet Sitting Team Members
Because of the upcoming baby, we have hired a team of wonderful pet sitters to help us handle all of the pet sitting jobs now, and in the future. All of our pet sitters are featured on our website with a bio and a photo. We are extremely selective in our hiring process: I will only consider hiring a team member that I would want to care for my pets and my home. All of our members are screened before we hire them, go through a strenuous training program, have excellent references, and are fully insured and bonded through our company. Our goal is to offer the same quality of care that we have always provided with our new team. I guarantee that you will be provided with a well trained, friendly, responsible and professional pet lover every time you hire us.

Contact Nicole for all your pet sitting needs
Nicole Kirker will still be the main contact for all of your pet sitting needs and reservations. Please contact Nicole via phone, text, or email for all pet sitting requests. To guarantee the office is aware of all of your pet sitting requests, we ask that you please do not request pet sitting reservations or changes through your assigned pet sitter. The office will confirm all requests with you and will pass the information on to the pet sitting team member that is working with you.

New email address
Please make a note that I am now using a new email address: YourNeighborhoodPetSitters@gmail.com. I check my email all day long, everyday, so feel free to contact me via email at any hour.

Referrals: FREE pet sitting visits
We love your referrals! For each referral you send our way, we will offer you 1 free pet sitting visit. Just have your referred friend or neighbor mention your name when they call to set up pet sitting service. If your referred person uses our pet sitting service, we’ll give you 1 free pet sitting visit. The more referrals you send our way, the more free visits you can get.

We work hard to give your pets the special care that they deserve.
Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters: Nicole & Evan Kirker