Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters, LLC

Overnight Visits
$100.00 a night
Limited availability.

For our overnight visits, a pet sitter will stay at your house
with your pet(s). This is a very popular visit: It's like
a doggie/kitty sleep over for your pet(s). Your beloved pet
will get lots of one-on-one attention, cuddle time, and pets.
We'll take your dog for a night time walk/playtime,
sleep at your house with your dog, feed breakfast,
administer medications (if needed), and we'll do an
early morning walk as well.


OVERNIGHT SERVICES ON holiday rated days.
$135.00 per night
$35.00 surcharge for Overnights on holiday rated days
in addition to the regular overnight pet sitting rates.

Limited availability

See our holiday schedule here.

  Rates may vary depending on the number of pets being cared for.  

Your Neighborhood Pet sitters, LLC is a professional in-your-home pet sitting company in the Charleston, SC area owned by Nicole and Evan Kirker. Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters, LLC offers pet care for your beloved pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, fish, turtles,  etc. We (Nicole Kirker and Evan Kirker) care for your pets while you are away on vacation: letting your dogs and cats stay in their home and offering the special care that they deserve! We (Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters, LLC) provide in-home pet care: from daily visits, vacation visits, daily dog walks, & overnite visits. We come to your home and take care of your beloved pets while you are away (either on vacation or working long hours).  Let Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters, LLC work for you and your pets in your neighborhood. Please note: Your Neighborhood Pet Sitters, LLC is not a boarding facility. We offer pet sitting at your house.